Saving money for food at Publix

Publix is a fantastic grocery store and is typically very clean, offering a great option and friendly service. Publix delivers on most of their goods relatively competitive prices. However, I know the general prices in my local Publix are much higher than in my local Walmart. For example, I can get a $4.99 bag of Tyson chicken nuggets at Target, and they’re $2 more priced at $6.99 at my local Publix. That’s a big difference for me. So, in some cases Publix has been given a “bad rap” for being too expensive. I heard people say, “I can’t even afford to walk in Publix.” That’s what I used to believe before I learned how to save BIG in Publix and other grocery stores. You may take the information learned from this article and apply it to your local store, but I will focus on saving money on Publix grocery stores for the purposes of this article.

How are you doing this? Coupons! Now, wait and hear me before you close this post. You may live near a publix if you reside in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, or Florida. I used to be one of those people who would do the job of buying the local Sunday paper, cutting out my coupons, taking them to the store and saving just a few dollars. It’s frustrating when you do it that way, and it doesn’t seem worth it. What you need to learn is how these coupons can be paired with deals in order to save huge amounts of money on top brand items. You may even get them free occasionally.

Publix oasis has fantastic weekly sales of BOGO and daily sales. Usually they start on Wednesday and run through next Wednesday. They start on Thursday in some stores and continue through the next Thursday. You might wonder what BOGO is now. I’m not insulting your intelligence, but there might be some people out there who aren’t “on the lingo.” BOGO means buying one free of charge. That way you already get a fifty percent discount, which allows a cinch to save money on grocery stores. Some of the above-mentioned states don’t even make you buy two, they ring at half price the BOGO goods. I stated that every week Publix also has other deals that aren’t BOGO. I’m going to call this a “daily deal.”

What’s it? To save even more, you suit the BOGO and sell the coupons! Let me show you how that works. Using this form, I once had many Nestle Toll House Cookies packs free. For this specific week, Nestle Toll House cookies were on the BOGO. These were sold for one pack at $2.99 on a regular basis. Now, I found a $1.50 coupon off one box of Nestle Toll House Cookies on I had the chance to print this coupon twice. But here’s the big catch on BOGO’s, you can still use the coupon on the free item because you have two items in your cart. Many Publix workers are not sure about this, but every Publix I’ve ever been to support them, so just ask a manager if you get a cashier that gives you a question. So, here’s what it looks like: 2 Nestle Toll House Cookies packs= $5.98 regular price— $2.99 (BOGO)= $2.99 for two packs— $1.50 first coupon= $1.49 for two packs— $1.50 second coupon= $0.00 for two packs (you got a penny off).

Now, remember that the sales tax on cookies will still have to be charged in most states. I think I paid $.09 for these sales tax cookies. But it’s nothing! So why did I say I’ve got a few packs? From every machine you have, you can print the coupon twice. There is a print cap of two and your IP address is registered and you are cut off after two. But at that time, I had four computers in the building. That was eight free cookie packs that I got. Pretty cool, huh? We froze them, and for a long time we had cookies. There, on food, that’s saving money with Publix Passport

It will not always end up being free, but with this method you can see that the price can be drastically reduced. This can also be extended to daily sales. Only pair a coupon and get the best price with something already on offer. Buy ONLY the BOGO’s and discounts while you buy, and try to buy as few daily things as you can. Through checking out the Publix commercial, you will find out what’s on offer every week. It’s going to tell you what’s on BOGO and what’s on regular sales. That way you can save so much money, and over time you’re going to be so hooked you’re never going to want to pay full price for anything again. It’s such a race to save money on groceries! Today you can launch! Happy voucher!

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